The Emergence of Ozzie Albies

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Ozzie Albies is a center piece of the young Atlanta Braves team.

Ozzie played with Dansby Swanson (in the MLB), Ronald Acuna Jr. (still in Gwinnett), and also with with Johan Camargo (on Rehab in Gwinnett).
How does this make him the center piece? Three of the four all hit over .285 at the plate in Gwinnett in 2017. The fourth (Dansby) was called up during the regular season to the MLB. “Good teams incorporate teamwork into their culture, creating the building blocks
for success.” -Ted Sundquist.
By him having played with the guys in our minor league he become an important piece in the progress of the Atlanta Braves.
Freddie Freeman is still the expected veteran to carry the team to championships. As we have seen this year, teams aren’t too happy they have to face the slugging two time All-Star. He is second in the MLB with 16 walks, just 1 behind Bryce Harper.
Some other familiar names that, when hot, are hard outs: Ender Inciarte BA of .179 has a career average of .338, so be patient Braves fans. He will get in his groove and become a fan favorite again. Nick Markakis’ BA of .288 is performing at his normal rate showing that his career average is .288. One new face making immediate noise is Preston Tucker, BA of .308 and three 3 run Home Runs.
The Braves are currently 8-6, good enough for 3rd in the NL East, 3.5 games behind the Mets, who are 11-2.
With the experienced veterans around Ozzie and the young guys moving up, the Braves should see championship runs in the near future.

Kyle Gamble | @kyleg6116


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