Physical Game 3 Leads To Exciting Game 4


Game 4 Preview

Nashville Predators @ Colorado Avalanche


Nashville: -1.5

Nashville leads the series 2-1

Tonight game features two of this post-season’s top scorers. The Predators’ Austin Watson has 3 goals and 1 assist. The Avalanche’s Nathan MacKinnon has 3 goals and 2 assists. Game 3 was a very physical game. There were 8 penalties by the Predators. While the Avalanche only had 6 penalties. I would expect the game to start fast and physical between the two teams. The emotions are high on both sides of the puck. As long as the Predators play disciplined I would see their penalty number decrease.

The Predators carried a lot of the momentum at the end of the game. If the Predators can come out and not give up a goal in the first shot or 2 to the Avalanche. The night will start better than the last three. In the first three games the Avalanche have scored on their 1st shot- G1, 1st shot-G2 and 2nd shot- G3. Although the avalanche started the scoring in all three games, the Predators were able to fight back and win two of the three. If the Predators can come out and hold strong in the middle of the defensive zone, where the avalanche had 4 shots go in. The night will go better for the Nashville Predators if the also keep the offensive pressure strong like the end of the 3rd period of game 3.

Kyle Gamble | @kyleg6116

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