Hawks Player Season Recap: Mike Muscala

Moose goes for a layup against Cleveland (USAToday)

With a new contract heading into the 2017-2018 season Muscala looked to prove that he was an essential piece for the Hawks.

To begin the season Muscala was unavailable because he had an ankle injury forcing him to miss the first 20 games. But once he returned to the bench he played his best season for the rebuilding Hawks. Muscala set a new high in points coming in at 7.6 PPG and 4.3 RPG. Besides the fact that he set career highs the Hawks offense flowed smoothly when he was in because he is familar with Bud’s system of team basketball and finding a good shot.

Moose had a couple great games this season where he set new career highs, first against the Bulls when he dropped 19 points and again against the Timberwolves when he dropped 24 points. Again, Muscala looks very comfortable in our system and given the time he can and will do well.

Moose does have a player option after this season but I do expect him to opt back in and return as a key bench piece or possibly a starter depending on what happens in the draft. I personally think moose is a great fit in Atlanta and would love to see him here for years to come. He represents everything Atlanta is based about and we as fans should encourage more of Muscala.

Ryan Miller



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