The Feel-Good Story of Deadrin Senat

Courtesy: USF Bulls

The Falcons must really just love a feel-good story.

Last year, it was Takk McKinley, who was the Falcon’s first-round draft pick. This year, it came in the third round with Deadrin Senat.

I did not realize, when we picked him, what he must have gone through, both mentally and emotionally, growing up. He clearly has faced plenty of adversity. This video (tweeted from @AtlantaFalcons) shows his passion and love for his family. Though his parents may be gone, he clearly loves those still with him:

I would love to see the full video there, but how heart-warming is that? You can tell he has worked hard to get to this point and will continue working hard to overcome adversity.


Andrew Carter | @AndrewC_Braves

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