2018 Falcons UDFA Tracker

With the Conclusion of the 2018 NFL Draft, the Falcons still have some holes to fill as well as 20+ FA signings needing to be made in order to fill out the 90 man roster. Check back here periodically for every UDFA/FA signing the Falcons make!

Updated 4/29/18, 6:03 PM

Malik Williams, RB, Louisville

Falcons add their first RB of the UDFA period.

Emmanuel Ellerbee, LB, Rice

Falcons add depth to the LB position with this one.

Damoun Patterson, WR, Utah State

Suprisingly, the Falcons add another WR to an already deep position. The Falcons now have 8 WRs on their roster.

Chris Lammons, DB, South Carolina

The Falcons add former Florida Commit Chris Lammons to the secondary.

Matt Gono, OG, Wesley

A player I predicted the Falcons would take in the draft is the first lineman UDFA signed by the Falcons.

Demario Richard, RB, Arizona State

The Falcons pick up their short yardage back with Demario Richard from Arizona State University!

Dontez Byrd, WR, Tennesee Tech

The Falcons add another WR taking their WR total up to 10.

Secdrick Cooper, S, Louisiana Tech

Falcons continue to add depth in their secondary adding a versatile defensive-back from Louisiana Tech.

Kurt Benkert, QB, Virginia

With Matt Schaub possibly on his way out, this is a great UDFA signing.

Luke McNitt, FB, Nebraska

Falcons add their first fullback after the draft.

McNitt: “It’s pretty surreal right now, it hasn’t really set in.” Says he’s been in contact with the Falcons for a couple of weeks. Said he had a lot of other teams contact him in the run-up to the draft, too.

This won’t be the last FB the Falcons sign this year as it is a need.

Emmanuel Smith, LB, Vanderbilt

The Falcons get another LB as an UDFA. Fun Fact: Both LBs signed by the Falcons so far are named Emmanuel.

J.C. Hassenauer, C/G, Alabama

Falcons add more depth to their line by adding a player who started in the National Championship game.

Heath Harding, CB, Miami (OH)

Falcons add more depth to their secondary.

Dewey Jarvis, EDGE, Brown University

Falcons add a body to their defensive line.

Joe Austin, T, Central Michigan

Falcons add yet another player for depth to their Offensive line.

David Martin, K, Georgia

Lamar Jordan, QB/WR/RB, New Mexico

Falcons add a versatile offensive weapon to their roster.

Anthony Winbush, DE, Ball State

Falcons add another defensive lineman.

Devin Gray, WR, Cincinnati

Falcons add to their already deep WR core.

Troy Mangen, TE, Ohio

Falcons add their first TE to a core of Hooper, Saubert, and Paulsen.

Jontez Byrd, DT, Kent State

Falcons add a good DT from Kent State to a position lacking depth.

Detrick Clark, WR, Colorado State

Falcons signing a lot of WRs to their roster.

Joseph Putu, DB, Florida

Falcons add another DB to a deep secondary.

Daniel Marx, FB, Stanford

Another FB for Sark and Knapp to consider.

Salesi Uhatafe, G, Utah

Falcons add another guard for line depth possibly.

 Jacob Tuioti-Mariner, DE, UCLA

Falcons add Takk’s old teammate to the defensive line.

Christian Blake, WR, Northern Illinois

Donnie Miles Jr., S, UNC

Falcons add Donnie Miles from North Carolina as a backup safety behind Kazee.

Mackendy Cheridor, DE, Georgia State

Falcons add a hometown DE.

Dorian Miller, OL, Rutgers

Van Smith, S, Clemson

Cole Cook, TE, NC State

Mini-Camp Invites

Lance Austin, CB, Georgia Tech and Lawrence Austin, CB, Georgia Tech

Teré Calloway, DB, Nevada

Brock Barr, WR/ST, Boise State

Harley Vaughn, C, West Georgia

Dylan Hanser, LB, Washington State

Cam Dillard, OL, North Carolina

Nate Wozniak, TE, Minnesota

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