ATL Utd 2 Plays The Riverhounds


This Saturday at 7 PM ATL UTD 2 (1-1-3) is on the road to Pittsburgh to face off with the Riverhounds after a disappointing 3-0 Battery beating taken earlier in the week. Pittsburgh Riverhounds SC (2-0-3) are currently sitting in 5th place in the Eastern conference standings and are tied for 1st place in clean sheets this season in the USL. Their keeper, Dan Lynd, is helping them stay in the upper third of the standings table and they are looking for a win to continue to boost them up the table.

20/20 Vision


ATL UTD 2 has proven throughout the season that they can maintain possession for entire games but one of the bigger problems ATL UTD 2 has seen, especially in their last match against Charleston, was getting clear scoring opportunities. Keeping possession is important but letting the ball sit on our feet for too long lets the other team set up defense and makes it that much harder for us to find a way in to the box. ATL UTD 2 needs to start off aggressively, to create better chances and gain an edge on the Riverhounds.

Pittsburgh Riverhounds

This Pittsburgh team is in great form and have not given up any points so far this season. To add to their good form, the Riverhounds have been solid in away games, pulling off draws in their most recent outings away from home. They have an offensive weapon in their attacking midfielder Neco Brett but can be very adaptable and sometimes push their defense out of line in the attack for more offensive power. We need to be ready for aerial plays and deep crosses up the field that spring the Riverhounds up on the pitch and cut off the play before they can create a goal opportunity.

A great game was played by Lagos Kunga last week and so it was proof to the fans that the USL should be scared of his deadly left foot. The amount of shots on goal a team can take can be decisive in a close match and can intimidate the other team so I say we shoot them as much as possible. Attempts to shoot on target like Kungas’ helps create bigger game in the offense, like we attempted to against Charleston. With this in mind, ATL UTD 2 can win this match by a close margin.

My score prediction:


Pittsburgh Riverhounds: 1

Most Dangerous Player:

MDP: Neco Brett – 3 goals in 5 apps.


Arturo Principle | @arturoprinciple1

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