What The Deadrin Senat Pick Means For The Falcons


With the Falcons needing d-line help, they drafted Senat in the 3rd round.

The biggest talk for the Falcons in this draft was helping the defensive line. When you lose players like Donatri Poe, you have to go out and replace him somehow. The Falcons didn’t have a lot of cap space, so the draft was the choice they had to go with. Many thought they’d go with a DT in the first round but waited until the 3rd round to draft Senat. What does this pick mean for the team?

Quality Options Late In Draft

Picking a DT in the 3rd round definitely meant there wasn’t much quality talent earlier. If the Falcons saw a player in the first round that could a game changer for them, they most likely would have picked him. The player that was talked about the most was Da’Ron Payne, and he went early to the Redskins. The other players were Taven Bryan and Maurice Hurst, but I guess the Falcons didn’t see much in those players. Waiting and out and picking Senat was the right choice.

Good Depth

If you can’t get a star player, you have to get multiple players to fit that position. The Falcons should have good rotational depth at DT now with Dontari Poe gone. They drafted Senat wh will be a nice piece. The brought back Jack Crawford who played well for the team when he was in. Recently they signed Terrell McClain who is a good run stopper, something the Falcons need. They won’t have to rely on just one player to replace the Poe’s production, they have a nice rotation to do that.

Nice Piece Next To Grady

Grady Jarrett is one of the best DT’s in the league. What would happen if you put another good DT next to him? Let’s just say it wouldn’t be good for the opposing team. The more Senat plays and he learns from the players around him, he could be dangerous just like Jarrett. It may take some time, but with the skillset of Senat, it’s bound to happen.

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