No Julio? No Problem


He still hasn’t shown up? Uh Oh.

These past 2 weeks haven’t been the best for some Falcons fans. In fact, I can say since Matt Ryan got his new deal, Falcons fans have been angry. Now we add on that Julio Jones isn’t showing up to OTAs and it’s the end of the world.

The first thing is that Julio Jones surprisingly unfollowed everyone and deleted his Falcons pictures. He also made his twitter private. Not once did Julio tweet anything, or post a picture on Instagram. But as soon as he goes Zero Dark Thirty on all social media accounts, that means he doesn’t want to be on the Falcons. People have tried to compare him and Dennis Schroder’s social media antics. The difference is that Schroder unfollowed the Hawks specifically, and then he did a cringy interview talking about his uncertainty on the team. Julio Jones did neither. But wait, it gets worse for Falcons fans: OTAs.

Let’s get something straight. OTAs are VOLUNTARY. In the Webster dictionary, the word voluntary is described as ‘ having power of free choice’. This means that Julio has the CHOICE to go to OTAs, he isn’t forced to come. Julio Jones is one of the best receivers in the NFL, what is a voluntary camp going to do for him? It would be great to go there to build a relationship with his teammates. But that’s exactly why there are involuntary training camps that he has to go in July, and I’m sure Jones won’t miss those.

Another thing that has been bothering Falcons fans is the reason he may be skipping OTAs is that he wants more money. I don’t see the problem with that. Since his last deal, there have been numerous receivers that have signed to more money, and they’re not better than Julio. OBJ is probably about to be the highest paid receiver in the league, but he deserves that.  Sammy Watkins is getting more money than Julio Jones, and he hasn’t been able to stay healthy since he was drafted. The Falcons currently don’t have a lot of money to just throw around to everybody, but they could definitely front load his contract where he can make most of his money from his current deal in the upcoming years.

Julio Jones has been a great example of someone that is all about the team and doesn’t complain. Now the one time he wants to restructure his deal, it’s a problem? Come on Falcons fans. I’m sure it’s some people that believe they saw this coming when the Falcons drafted Calvin Ridley. Just take a chill pill.

Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

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