3 Realistic and Unrealistic Signings the Atlanta Hawks Should Make

With an almost entirely new coaching staff, how different will the Atlanta Hawks look next season? 


Photo: Curtis Compton, AP http://www.theintelligencer.com

Each year for several years, the Atlanta Hawks have found themselves in a very peculiar position in the offseason–at home wondering what direction to take next. Coach Llyod Pierce from the Philadelphia 76ers was hired to be the next head coach of this franchise in hopes lead it to the promised land. With a new coach comes new outlooks on the roster and new philosophies.

Coach Pierce has been preaching defense ever since he signed the dotted line on that contract. The Philadelphia 76ers have shown that they have great luck (with high draft picks) and great developmental capabilities with their roster. We hope Pierce brings that mindset to a young Hawks team. Assuming every impending Hawks free agent doesn’t return, the following are 3 realistic and 3 unrealistic signings the Atlanta Hawks should make.HQNextButton

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