HawksTalk NBA Finals Roundtable Predictions

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The staff here at ATLSportsHQ give their thoughts on the NBA Finals.


Phil Veasley | @_ATLPhil

Cavs in 7

Finals MVP: Lebron James

Lebron’s Line: 44.3 PPG 11.1 RPG 8.9 APG.

Someway, somehow, Lebron leads this team to a Championship in one of the most incredible Playoff runs in NBA History.  It won’t be easy and will take multiple 50 point performances but I just can’t doubt him. He’s single handily gotten them this far, he can carry them one more step.


Andrew Carter | @AndrewC_Braves

Warriors in 5.

Finals MVP: Steph Curry

Lebron’s Line: 43 PPG , 13.2 RPG , 9.8 APG.

This series shouldn’t be close. Lebron is going to have to play out of his mind if the Cavs want a shot. Cavs May steal one at home if several players get hot in the same game, but Golden State will win the series easily.

Bret Anderson | @Bret_A27

Warriors in 6

Finals MVP: KD

LeBron: 35 PPG, 9 RPG, 8 APG

While LeBron will put on an historic performance yet again, the Cavs will run into a brick wall against the Warriors. They just have too much fire power and LeBron can do a lot of things, but I don’t know if he will the Cavs to 4 wins over the Warriors. They have 3 guys who can create and make any shot and 3 above average defenders (Klay, Iggy, and KD). Only way the Cavs have a chance is if K Love puts up 20and 10 and the rest of the role players can make their open 3s when given the chance. However, I think the Cavs will do if enough to pull 2 games out in this series, but the Warriors end it in 6 in Cleveland. I just don’t see Cleveland having the right defensive players to beat the Warriors 4 times. However, if LeBron does pull this off, it will be the greatest accomplishment of his career and quite possible the biggest upset in NBA history.


Reeves Guyton | @ReevesG55

Warriors in 7

Finals MVP: Klay Thompson

Lebron’s Line: 37 PPG, 11 RPG, 8 APG

Both teams come in to the finals after stressful come from behind series wins and meet for the fourth time in a row. Lebron dragged the Cavs to the finals but I can’t see him beating the warriors this year even if they don’t have Igoudala. I do think it will be closer than many expect though as with Lebron nothing is impossible. I think Klay Thompson will win Finals MVP because we saw this postseason how good he is in the clutch but especially when he gets hot. If he can get open, he can bury the Cavs in this series.

Jackson Stone | @tdjs_network

Warriors in 5

Finals MVP: KD

Lebron’s Line: 38 PPG, 12 REB, 7 APG.

LeBron has been playing on a superhuman level but these Warriors are quite possibly the greatest team ever assembled. In the end, the talent differential will decide the series fairly quickly.

Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

Cavs in 7

Finals MVP: LeBron James

Lebron’s Line: 33 PPG, 12 REB, 10 APG

Like me, you’re probably tired of seeing this matchup in the finals. I’m also sure the Cavs players are tired of hearing how the Warriors are just big favorites heading into the series. I feel like this should serve as big motivation for them, and we might see these role players put together a great series of games in the weeks to come. Also, if there is one thing you shouldn’t do is count out LeBron James. Many people thought he would lose every series he was in this postseason and what happened? So why should I stop believing in him now? The Warriors just showed us that they’re not invincible, and could’ve lost.

Chelsea Toyer | @coyerr

Cavs in 7

Finals MVP: LeBron James

Lebron’s Line: 34 PPG, 8.8 REB, 9.2 APG

Cavs will win the series 4-3. They will go to game 7 because the NBA loves to go for 7. MVP should go to either Lebron or curry. I say LeBron because he has been carrying the team on his back. He is also the youngest player ever to have 30,000 points in their career. Curry’s been avg 27 ppg and is the only player currently in the league doing so.

Ryan Miller @_RMiller30

Warriors in 4

Finals MVP: Stephen Curry

Lebron’s Line: 28.3 PPG, 9.4 REB, 7.6 APG

Lebron has carried this cavs team but this is a challenge he’s not gonna be able to do alone, This cavs team is far worse than any cavs team the past 3 years. Warriors should have no problem attacking the backcourt of Hill and Smith. Curry will win his first Finals MVP and show why he’s the dominate player he is.

Rich Denson @iLivebyit

Warriors in 5

Finals MVP: Kevin Durant

Lebron’s Line: 33 PPG, 7 REB, 9 APG

This Golden State team should dispatch the Cavs easier than they did last season, but because of LeBron’s heroics throughout the playoffs I’ll give them one game in Cleveland. This team seems unstoppable and after getting punched in the mouth by Houston, they’ll want to leave no doubt that this is still their league and stage. It doesn’t help that Kevin Love won’t be 100% and we don’t know how much the concussion will affect him. He’s been playing out of position all season and having to bang with Jordan Bell, Draymond Green and even Javale McGee will take even more of a toll.

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