Clearing the air on Julio Jones

There is nothing to worry about, Falcons Fans.

As you probably know, On April 23 of this year, Julio Jones scrubbed his social media of all Falcons related content, sending the majority of the NFL, besides confident Falcons fans, into a complete frenzy. Hours after this happened, there were trade rumors already circulating around the league. Bleacher Report along with ESPN sent me about 5 tailored notifications trying to ruin my peace of mind that day.

Briefly after the situation, Julio explained that he doesn’t let social media define him, and that there is no “bad blood” between him and the organization.

That was only part 1 of the Julio crisis. Julio isn’t attending OTA’s this offseason, and I don’t see an issue with this at all. However, social media decided to combine this with the social media scrubbing and form a plot on Julio’s disdain for the Falcons, which just isn’t true. In my opinion, Julio can do whatever he wants. He can go to the Bahamas for all I care during OTA’s. He could go to Magic City, and I wouldn’t be bothered at all. This is Julio Jones. He will be more then ready to make Julio Jones catches this fall. Relax.

This picture didn’t help calm the mob either. Julio at Cam Newton’s kickball camp. However, the post was quickly deleted due to a potential violation of NFL’s tampering policy.

However, if Julio is frustrated, I don’t blame him. Matt Ryan was noticeably frustrated during the 2017 season. I can reasonably assume that Julio was also extremely frustrated. The new offense under Sarkisian was, what is the word..disastrous. Horrible play calling included jet sweeps, shovel passes, using Julio as a decoy, and much more. The numerous dropped passes didn’t help the offensive woes either. I hate to say it, but the Falcons did suffer a Super Bowl hangover.

Julio has also has asked for a contract revision, which the Falcons are more then willing to pursue. After all, Matt Ryan recently became the highest paid QB in the league with his blockbuster contract, and Jones wants more money as well. There isn’t any reason not to give Julio more money. Some fans are quick to claim that “Julio is asking at the wrong time” due to his low stats from last year. Forget about his stats, Julio wasn’t calling the plays, and obviously suffered from the same mental fog as the rest of the offense. Pay the beast. The offense and Julio will be back this upcoming season in full force.

The past is the past, Julio will get more money, and will remain a Falcon for life. Number 11 isn’t leaving Atlanta. Julio Jones will be a Super Bowl champion as a Falcon.


Andrew Anello | @andrewanello 

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