2018 NBA Draft Prospect: Lonnie Walker IV

College Stats at Miami:




34.6% 3P%




Lonnie Walker IV was highly sought after in high school. He was the number 17 overall player in his class(2017). Following an injury before the season, he was slow out of the gates in his Freshman campaign. He turned on down the stretch of the season showing how talented he is, but he has trouble putting it all together consistently.

One of the biggest flaws with Walker is his intensity level. He has to amp it up some to be able to succeed at the next level. He just needs to focus in more and be more aggressive on both sides of the ball. This mainly go towards his off the ball defense as he seems to get lost around screens and isn’t a great help defender.

However, I do not feel his intensity will be an issue at the next level because he is going to be forced to play with more intensity by his teammates and his opponents.

Offensively, Lonnie Walker can really shoot it off the dribble, and he’s capable of being a really dangerous threat from behind the arc. He has great speed and quickness along with a strong frame which helps him get to the rim both in the half-court and in transition.

All the tools are there for Walker to be a good NBA player. He can end up being a top 7 player in this draft if he can put everything together. He’s only going to get stronger, and his shooting will only get better.

If the Hawks were to draft Walker, I feel it would be a perfect fit. With a defensive minded head coach who can help him out on that end and also help him take his intensity to the next level.

He would get a good amount of playing time right away as he could play the 1 or the 2 which would be useful for the Hawks. Instead being stocked behind the solid  guards of a playoff team he could get a good amount of game action and become accustomed to the NBA faster.

Regardless of where Walker ends up, a team will be getting a raw talent that could end up being a gem in the middle of the draft.

Bret Anderson@Bret_A27

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