2018 NBA Draft Prospect: Jalen Brunson

Junior Season Stats:




40.3% 3P%




By far the most decorated player in this draft with 2 national championships, the Naismith Player of the Year award, Jalen Brunson looks to translate his college success to the NBA.

Jalen Brunson was a force just about every game in college however, in the NBA he’s going to learn how to adapt to the different style in speed. His high basketball IQ should help ease the transition but brings a few weaknesses to the table that are a must fix to be a solid player in the NBA.

Brunson’s skill set is what it is. He will get stronger, but he will not get much faster or quicker. He has just enough speed to keep up with the smaller guards, but can also body up the bigger ones with his strength. Still, he brings a lot of things to the table, but some need to be touched up to help him be a solid NBA player.

The pick and roll was definitely Brunson’s biggest weaknesses as a Freshman. According to DrfatExpress, Brunson shot 35.8% on the pick and rolls while turning it over 20.2% of the time. That simply would not cut it in the NBA. However, in his Junior season he finished in the top quarter of the NCAA in pick and roll scoring.

One thing everybody knows about Brunson is that he can score. He is a flat out cold-blooded scorer. He finish at the rim witch his great strength and can light it up at a high rate from the perimeter.

Brunson is an elite scorer who will have a role on any team in the NBA with that attribute alone. He can score from the post too as he was flat out dominant in the paint throughout in the NCAA tournament, and showed some passing skills when he was double on the block.

Were the hawks to draft Brunson, they would be getting a high IQ scoring point guard. He bring immediate depth and could blossom behind Dennis Schroder. Picking Brunson at 19 could be viewed as a stretch but if they got him at 30, well that would be a first round steal.


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