World Cup Prediction

FIFA 2018 World Cup
FIFA World Cup 2018

Peru will shock the world! 

Group A:

I have Uruguay finishing at the top of their group followed by Russia in 2nd. Uruguay has one of the hardest qualifying matches (CONMEBOL) to go through and have gotten far in past World Cups. Russia will be the home team and, along with their solid squad, they’ll be able to carry over the momentum to the next round.


Group B:

Spain will finish first and the European Champions, Portugal, will finish 2nd.


Group C:

I have Peru finishing first in the group with France a close second. Peru are currently enjoying a 15-Match undefeated streak and are making Peruvian futbol history by coming into this World Cup with such a streak. France will be 2nd because they struggled with lesser teams such as the US, and drew a tie. I don’t believe France will get the job done against Australia and will be in 2nd due to point differential.


Group D:

I have Argentina finishing 1st and Croatia finishing 2nd. Argentina hasn’t looked particularly well recently but the fact that they have one or the best players in their squad can’t hurt. Croatia is a devoted team with a lot of star power on the field. I believe they’ll be able to find their rhythm when the time comes and edge out Iceland for 2nd place.


Group E:

I have Brazil and Switzerland. Brazil is vastly more skilled than the other teams in this group and it’ll be a toss up for 2nd place between Serbia and Switzerland. However, Switzerland can edge out Serbia for 2nd place.


Group F:

I have Germany advancing first and Sweden following in 2nd. Germany is a powerhouse team and look in great form through their friendlies. Sweden, while a bit less technically skilled than Denmark, bare a lot of resemblance to the Danes. Sweden will hold Mexico to a draw and win prolifically against South Korea.


Group G:

I have Belgium going in 1st and England going in 2nd. Belgium is a team that is a contender to win it all in my eyes and will have no problem clinching the top spot in this group.

Group H:

I have Poland finishing in 1st place and Colombia following in a close 2nd. Poland is ranked in the top 10 teams in the world and have looked great coming into the World Cup. Colombia, on the other hand, does have James Rodriguez, but he’s no Messi and the capability of carrying his team further than the round of 16 is minimal.


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