2018 NBA Draft Prospect: Michael Porter Jr.


The Missouri prospect has the potential to be the best offensive talent in the draft.

Let’s go back in time just a little when college basketball was still at its peak. Michael Porter Jr. was considered the best prospect in this draft, and a lock to be a top 3 pick. His offensive game had been compared to Paul George, and many people believed he would be great in the NBA. All of this was before the draft.

Fast forward to Porter’s first college game, and everything suddenly changes. Porter ends up injuring his back and was ruled out for the rest of the season. He was still considered to be a lottery pick, but not as high as he was before the injury. Porter did return to the court at the end of the season, but that really didn’t help his draft stock rise. He came back rusty and looked like he still needed to get back in game shape.

As of today, nobody is really sure what pick Porter will go but don’t be surprised if the Hawks consider him with the 3rd pick. If the Hawks are looking for a player with good offensive talent and can get them a basket when needed, Porter could be the best choice. He would also fit right in with the Hawks roster. You can interchange him and Taurean Prince at the 2 and 3. That’s a nice 1-2 punch when it comes to offense.

A reason the Hawks or any other team might pass on Porter is of course because of his durability. He just canceled a workout because of hip spasms, and nobody knows if that relates to his back injury. It’s always a risk taking a player that has injury problems, and history shows. But there could be a chance that player ends up being injury free in the league and is a steal in the draft. Nobody wants to regret not taking a player in the draft, and with 4 picks this year, the Hawks can’t afford that.

If the Hawks can put Porter’s injuries aside, it’s a real chance they can pick him #3. He may be the offensive talent in the draft. Could he be the best overall player? Nobody knows, but when he gets drafted all our questions will be answered.

Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

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