NBA Draft Prospect: Donte Divincenzo

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40.1 3P%



Everybody knows Divencenzo because of his unbelievable performance in Villanova’s latest National Championship game. He put on a 10-15(5-7 from 3) shooting performance on his way to a 31 point outing. Yet, he didn’t seem to have much draft stock before the game. Now, after a strong NBA combine, he is getting first round grades and is flying up draft boards.

Divencenzo is undeniably one of the best shooters in this draft. He can spot up, shoot off the dribble, and finish at the rim. His scoring ability is top tier in this draft. If you can shoot the rock then you will find a place in the NBA.

The problem with some shooters is that they take shots that are really out of sync with the offense. Not this kid. He is a smart player who gets his shots as the offense flows and is also a good passer to keep others involved in the offense. He is a big time team player and could be a good Pick and Roll guy if he can improve his ball handling a little bit.

Aside from his shooting, Divencenzo is a really good athlete(42in vertical at the combine) with a high motor and it shows on the defensive side. He does all the little things right on that side like hustling for loose balls, and being in a good help defense position. He can be a real pest on that side because most guards will find out that he is tough to shake away and is even tougher to shoot over.

Divencenzo seems to be one of the fastest rising prospects in the draft and it is easy to see why. NBA teams loves the intensity and confidence he plays with. Sure, he will have some growing pains, but he could end up being a JR Smith type player who plays better defense.

If the Hawks selected Donte Divencenzo, I think he could be their 6th man at some point during his first season. He is such a smart player so he will adapt to the NBA game quickly and start showcasing all of his talent. A scorer who can create his own shot from anywhere is what this team needs. He may never turn into a go to guy, but there will be games where he will rattle 5+ threes and score 25+ points.

He should be available at 19, if the Hawks were to keep that pick, and that is right around the time he would be coming off the board. The number 19 pick has been kind to the Hawks in the past and Divencenzo could continue that luck.

Bret Anderson: @Bret_A27

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