To Trade Or Not To Trade Dennis Schöder That Is The Question

Will Dennis Schroder remain an Atlanta Hawk after the 2018 NBA Draft? Some fans have doubts about the point guards future in Atlanta.


Fellow writer Jackson Stone and I have debated the status of Dennis Schroder for weeks now and I believe that the Hawks should keep him on the roster. Trading arguably the best player on the team who is on a relatively team-friendly contract just doesn’t sound like a good idea to me.

Nevertheless, Schroder’s comments to a German outlet in which it appeared he said that he wants out has led to this discussion among Hawks fans. The following are our thoughts about the Atlanta Hawks and their impending decision on Dennis Schroder.


Da’Vonte Hughes

Dennis Schroder is only 24 years old and has yet to hit his ceiling. This season Schroder averaged 19.4 points and 6.2 assists. New Atlanta Hawks head coach Lloyd Pierce has been preaching defense ever since he signed his name on the contract. It remains to see if Lloyd Pierce can turn Dennis Schroder into a complete player but we have seen glimpses of greatness before.

In the early years of Schroder’s career, he played press defense and harassed the opposing point guards to no end. If the Hawks can relax his role as the primary scorer and allow him to go all out it can, in turn, create a situation where the team can be successful. Dennis Schroder has the makings of an all-star its just up to the coaching staff to be patient and bring every ounce of it out of him.


Jackson Stone

Dennis Schroder’s 2017-18 campaign was, in a word, underwhelming. In his second year in a starting role, Schroder did average nearly 20 points, but shot a dismal 29% from three-point range, something he should have improved by this point in his career. Schroder also gambles too much on defense for someone who has been in the league for five years, which is a sign of immaturity.

Schroder’s offense relies too much on quickness; once he starts to slow down or has an injury, he won’t have an elite skill set to fall back on. He doesn’t finish well enough at the rim for someone who drives to the basket as much as he does. He was also ranked 98th out of 104 qualified point guards in ESPN’s defensive real plus-minus, which is a good indicator of a player’s effectiveness on defense.
All of this ignores Schroder’s well-documented issues off of the court.
There are plenty of teams who could use Schroder’s scoring and playmaking ability, and his youth (24) makes him a very tradeable asset for Atlanta. It’s a move they should make if they want to create a brighter future for the franchise.

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