2018 NBA Draft Prospect: Collin Sexton

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Alabama star has a high ceiling but are teams willing to take the risk?

Alabama guard, Collin Sexton is full of talent and has the ability to be on of the best players in the 2018 NBA Draft.

However, with an inefficient jump shot and some turnover problems some teams might turn their head when they are on the clock.

During his freshman season, Sexton lead Alabama to a 20-16 record and helped get them to the second round of the NCAA Tournament where they fell short to the 2018 Champions, Villanova.

Sexton averaged 19.2 points per game on 49.5 percent shooting from the field but just 33.6 percent from behind the arc.

He added 3.8 assists per game, which is low for the starting point guard of a team and what doesn’t sit well on the stat sheet is him averaging 2.9 turnovers per game.

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Sexton has the ability to be an all-around very good player, however lack of consistency in some areas could cause problems in the NBA.

On the offensive end Sexton is arguably one of best in this draft. His ability to find a way to get by his defender effortlessly and attack the rim with urgency like he does gives him the edge over other guards in this draft. He is very explosive and quick on his feet. However, he does struggle at times to knock down the deep ball and in college he tended to find himself in the paint or taking the mid-range shot. But he has shown some glimpses of him shooting the ball at a high level. He will just need to continue to improve the shot and be more efficient.

Sexton isn’t your typical pass first point guard. He likes to score the ball. But Sexton has shown ability to be a playmaker at certain times and this could grow with NBA talent by his side. Sexton plays better with the ball in his hands where he can run the offense and find a shot off the dribble. He will need to improve his ability to score off the dribble and move without the ball to help receive more open looks in the NBA.

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Sexton also sometimes gets too sped up which, leads to some turnovers or bad shot selections.

The score first and explosive play-style that Sexton plays with favors NBA star Russell Westbrook. They have a very similar style of play when they are on a basketball court and Sexton also shows signs of that killer instinct that Westbrook is known to have on court.

Sexton is projected to be a late lottery pick on draft night and many teams could let a possible potential NBA all-star slip past them.


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