2018 NBA Draft Prospect: Wendell Carter Jr.

wendell carter
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As we end near our Draft profile series, we take a look at former Pace Academy star, Wendell Carter.

Freshman Season Stats:





58.6 FG%

41.3 3P%

At 6-10, 250 pounds, Wendell Carter Jr. has a body and a skill set that is NBA ready. His talent was often overlooked as he was playing beside one of the most dynamic players in the country, Marvin Bagley, and probably the most popular player, Grayson Allen. Yet, as the scouting process has gone on, scouts have taken note that Carter can be a real threat in the NBA.

Carter fits this new NBA style quite well. He is more of a mid-range(and even 3 pointer) type big man. He has a really nice looking shot, but he needs to get better at scoring on the block and in the paint. This may not be a post up type game anymore but very once in a while you need to throw it down to your big and let him get some touches.

A flaw with Carter is that he is the quickest or the most athletic but his 7’3 wingspan helps him make up for that some on the defensive side. I don’t see his quickness being an issue as he mainly will be guarding centers and will still be a solid rim protector.

Were the Hawks to get their hands on Carter, they would be getting a nice foundation piece to put beside John Collins. Carter would instantly improve the rim protection and offensively, dare I say, he would be similar to Al Horford with his impressive outside shooting and good pick and roll/pop style.

Drafting Carter would mean either trading back from 3 or making a trade to get back into the top 10, likely around the 7 or 8 range. The Cavs number 8 pick would be enticing as they could be looking to acquire more picks to potentially put a package together to land Kawhi Leonard.

We will see how it all turns out on Thursday, and see where the talented, Wendell Carter Jr, will land.


Bret Anderson | @Bret_A27

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