2018 FIFA World Cup Group C Matchday 3 Recap

The main event in Group C took place in the match up between Denmark and France. A win for either team would determine which team would finish 1st or 2nd in the group standings. However, a draw would be enough for both teams to continue on so long as Australia didn’t upset.

World Cup Denmark France
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In the first 2018 World Cup match that ended as a draw, the match between the Danes and the French was a back-and-forth power struggle for both sides, especially France. With Eriksen as the star playmaker for Denmark, they were able to give France a run for their money.

While France was dominant in possession, neither team had anything to play for, truly. As Denmark sat back, France took charge and controlled the game by setting the pace of the match. The match ended in a draw for both teams and was quite uneventful.

After their performance, France is going to need to do some readjustments in terms of tactics or maybe even in their starting XI because a 2-1 win over Australia, an extremely fortuitous win over a stronger looking Peruvian side, and, most recently, a draw against  Denmark will not be enough moving forward.



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