What does Trae Young Bring to the Hawks?

Once dubbed the top scorer in the country, Trae Young had a rough start to his NBA debut against the Memphis Grizzlies.



The Atlanta Hawks began their summer league with their first game on the road. Trae Young was quick on his feet under the basket to get his first assist to Omari Spellman. Starting off strong, Young later struggled to make his first two 3 point attempts in the first half.

Young was 0-10 until the second half where he went deep to put some numbers on the board. Young was able to calm his nerves and find his rhythm on the court playing defense tremendously. Young finished the game dropping 16 points for his first NBA appearance.

Game Highlights:


During his post-game interview, Young explained he was not able to take his usual nap before the game due to the excitement. The first half of the game shows his jitters, but he was able to come back during the second half with much more momentum. Last night might not have started off like he hoped, but Young brings a multitude of skills to the Hawks organization.

Young is strong on the defensive side encouraging fellow teammates to get involved. Young communicates effectively on the court to get the ball moving. He understands he needs to improve in making his shots and is willing to work hard during the summer league.



Young is just getting his foot back on the court and he has not played 5 on 5 since college. Being drafted in the first round comes with an immense amount of pressure. Young knows it won’t be an overnight success and that it will be a process to become a better-skilled player. Coach Lloyd Pierce has assured Young that his shots will drop eventually. The rebuild for Hawks looks mighty despite the loss of a few players.

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