Don’t get Carried Away by Young’s Poor Start

Credit: ESPN

Why Trae Young’s slow start to summer league action shouldn’t concern Hawks fans.

“Summer League! We’re talkin’ about Summer League! We ain’t talkin’ about the game! We talkin’ about Summer League!”

No, this isn’t a real quote. But if Allen Iverson was in Trae Young’s current position-coming off an inefficient, uninspiring first two games of summer league-that’s likely how he would respond to the scrutiny that Young is currently facing from fans and experts alike.

Just a quick glance at Atlanta Hawks-related Twitter would lead you to believe that the world was caving in-that the Hawks endured a 24-win season just to wind up with one of the biggest busts in NBA history. But, as we’ve already established, this is summer league, and nothing that has occurred in Young’s first two games should make fans believe he’s going to be a disappointment.

Yes, he shot 4-20 in his first game and 5-16 in his second en route to a grand total of 28 points. The team has been outscored by 36 points combined with Young on the floor. He’s also forced some terrible shots, causing some fans to wonder whether all of the long-range magic he produced in college can be recreated at the NBA level.

But despite the poor shooting and terrible efficiency, there were in fact some positives to take away from Young’s summer league debut.

As our great writer Malik Brown observes below, Young got a lot of open shots in the first game that simply didn’t fall:

This certainly won’t continue for a shooter of Young’s caliber.Next

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