People are Actually Talking About the Atlanta Hawks

John Collins and Trae Young (

After years of blandness are the Hawks finally catching the eyes of the casual media?

For years the Atlanta Hawks would win enough games to make the first or second round of the NBA Playoffs, rinse and repeat. With the exception of 2015 that was the case for 10 straight seasons.

But even in that magical 60 win season something was still missing. There was still a lack of hype surrounding the team. Outside of the 19 game winning streak, the team was still labeled as “boring”  or “starless” and was written off by many as an actual contender. Looking back, many of those sentiments may have actually been true as even that team was lucky to squeak past Washington in the second round.

Fast forward to 2018, the Hawks are coming off a miserable 24-58 season and are knee deep into a long overdue rebuild. But are things really looking that down?

As someone who’s been going to Hawks games regularly for 13 seasons now and finally made the jump to a season ticket holder for next year. There just seems to be a different energy surrounding the team right now. One that I can’t say I’ve felt other than January of 2015.hqnextbutton2-e1527361368863

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