The Bad News Broadcasters

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For years, Chip and Joe have been the broadcasting team for the Atlanta Braves on Fox Sports South (FSS). There have been some good times, some not-so-good times. And it is about time that the Braves and FSS move on and find some replacements.

Chip Caray is the grandson of Harry Caray, who was an MLB broadcaster who spent a majority of his time calling games for St. Louis, though spent some time with the Athletics and White Sox before finishing his broadcasting career with the Chicago Cubs. Chip’s father, Skip Caray, was also an MLB broadcaster who spent his time with the Atlanta Braves. Fast forward some time and we get Chip Caray.

Chip began his career as a baseball broadcaster for the Chicago Cubs and then came over to the Atlanta Braves. Both his father and grandfather were beloved announcers, the fans loved their play calling and energy. Chip has followed their footsteps and has an exciting home run voice, and it is tough to beat his play call of a walk-off win.

Joe Simpson, Chip’s play-calling partner, followed a different route to becoming a broadcaster for MLB. He began his Major League career as a player, drafted by the Los Angelos Dodgers in 1973. He spent 6 years there before going to the Mariners for 4, the Royals and finally Angels in his final year as an MLB Player.

He began his broadcasting career in 1992 and has established a great, long-term relationship with the Atlanta Braves, as he was inducted into the Braves HOF in 2018.

However, for both of these broadcasters and their long ties to the Braves and broadcasting, it is about time that the Braves (and the aforementioned broadcasters) move on in separate directions.

There have been many occasions where Braves fans have called for the heads of the two announcers, some warranted, some not so. These vary, from Joe’s “old-school” mentality to Chip’s inability to judge a fly-ball (seriously). However, on a certain Saturday in July (July 28, 2018, to be exact), their poor play-calling was brought to national attention.

Joe began by ranting about Dodgers players, specifically Chase Utley, not wearing “proper batting practice attire.” He complained about the socks, then when on to complain about the shirt that Utley was wearing, a t-shirt supporting striking out cancer (these shirts help support cancer research), as opposed to his usual batting practice jersey. He claimed that fans in Atlanta have no way of knowing who players are without their names, it is unfair for them, and that it is unprofessional.

Though there have been many rants that Braves fans have been upset about, this tops them off. However, it didn’t just upset Braves fans.

It upset Brave’s players.

It upset Dodger’s players.

And it upset the national media.

Now, more than ever, Braves fans are embarrassed by their announcers, and hopefully, the Braves choose to move on sooner rather than later.

Andrew Carter | @AndrewC_Braves

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