What does the signing of Vince Carter mean for Atlanta?

Vince Carter (ESPN)

The Atlanta Hawks are approaching their second season of the rebuild and a lot of changes have already been made.

Since the end of the 60-win season in 2015, things have looked totally different for the Hawks.

The Hawks have continued to make changes throughout the past few years and in the 2018 off-season, their roster became even younger. However, the signing of future Hall of Famer Vince Carter could have been one of the biggest moves for Atlanta.

Carter is entering his 21st season and of course he isn’t the same “Vinsanity” that he used to be. But he still can make an impact on this young Hawks team.

Before the Carter signing, the Hawks’ oldest player was Kent Bazemore, who is 29. For the most part, the Hawks are a group of guys that are trying to find their way in the NBA with a lack of experience. However, a guy like Carter is the perfect veteran for any team going through a rebuild. Carter will be able to help guide the young guys in the locker room in the right direction. Carter has been through a lot in his career going from winning teams to losing teams, and although he hasn’t won a championship, he still knows a lot about the challenges the league gives you and the game of basketball.

Kent Bazemore has already been a big impact on the young guys through his last few years in Atlanta, and Carter will be able to add even more insight.

Not only will he be a big impact in the locker room, Carter can also help on the court.

In 58 games last season, Carter put up 5.4 points per game and also grabbed 2.6 rebounds per game. He was still able to give the Sacramento Kings 17.7 minutes per game.

His production on the court is slowly decreasing but he still will get the job done when he is needed.

Carter’s name will also help put a little more attention on this Hawks team. The hype around him is obviously not the same that it used to be. But he still puts a lot of people on notice because who doesn’t want to see a 41-year-old get buckets?

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The Hawks should be excited to have someone like Vince Carter leave his mark on their franchise, before his long run in the NBA is over. Carter is a well respected guy all-around the league and the hope is that he will lead the young team the right way.

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