Living the Dream: Interview with Monique Billings of the Atlanta Dream

Photo Credit: Kacy Sager @THESagerbomb

I had the opportunity to attend the Atlanta Dream‘s practice Sunday before their game against the Washington Mystics Tuesday at 7:30 PM.  The Dream is looking to win their 9th straight game. I attended the practice along with Kacy Sager who is a Freelance writer/Renaissance woman, stat team for Turner Sports, and daughter of the late Craig Sager. Big shout out to her for helping me with this opportunity.

I was approached by Dan Goldberger who is the director of Digital Media/Marketing for the Atlanta Dream. He greeted me and promptly asked, “Who would you like to speak to today?” It was at this moment that I realized that I had not thought of exactly one player to speak to. “May I speak with Monique Billings?” I asked as she is one of my favorite players on the team and also their 1st selection in the 2018 WNBA draft.

This moment became real for me as soon as I noticed she was walking over as my heart started to race. I have to admit I was nervous at first but she helped calm me down by sitting with me and talking. The following is the results of our conversation.

Q1. With this being your first year in the WNBA how have you adjusted to the WNBA lifestyle?

A. I would say the biggest adjustment has been adjusting to the tempo of the game. Its fast everyone is fast, everyone plays good, everyone plays fast. I’m already a fast player but that sometimes doesn’t work to my advantage because you have to be fast and in control. I had to learn the tempo and learn how to match that.

Q2. Are you from California?

A. Yes, I am from California. I’m from Corona which is an hour south of UCLA.

Q3. What are the biggest differences between California and Georgia?

A. There is no beach! That’s the biggest difference because I love the beach. We just had the all-star break and I went to the beach. I would say that’s probably the biggest difference. Also, the weather too because it’s muggy and it rains here a lot so that’s another difference.  The culture is also different, in California, they are kind of laid back and here it’s southern hospitality and everyone is nice so it has its plus and minuses.

Q4. Did you have to adjust to your WNBA minutes?

A. Yes, I did have to adjust to not playing as many minutes as I did in college but I want whats best for the team. Right now we are winning so whatever I need to do for my team, how many minutes that is, I’ll be ready when my numbers called. 

Big shout out to Monique Billings for taking the time out to speak to me. I really hope you do well in your career and ill be running with the dream tonight!

As I noted previously, the Atlanta Dream take on the Washington Mystics at 7:30 PM tonight at the McCamish Pavilion. Make sure you show up and show out for your Atlanta Dream!

Da’Vonte Hughes| @CookieByNature

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