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After a 10-6 mediocre season, the Falcons should do much better this upcoming season.


It is a blessing that the Falcons are no longer facing the AFC North in our schedule rotation this season. I would love to quickly blame our 1-3 record versus the division on Sarkisian, but cross-conference play looked incredibly uncomfortable last season even on the defensive side of the ball. The most horrible memory I have is when a Dolphins team led by Jay Cutler made an epic comeback in Atlanta. That was really….just the worst, the absolute worst to witness.

The entire season, in my opinion, depends on Steve Sarkisian’s play calling. I have faith in our defense, in our offensive line, our running game duo, our receiving core, but as I have said before it all comes down to Steve Sarkisian.

The 2018 Schedule:

2018 Schedule
via https://www.atlantafalcons.com/schedule/ 

The Falcons start off with a rough stretch, however we have a lot of home field advantage in that stretch. The bye landing on week 8 is perfect.


Schedule Prediction:


Week 1 at Eagles:

I could see the Falcons pulling out a win in Philadelphia, but Wentz will want to prove he is back after being injured last season before the Super Bowl win. It will be a tough game, however, I see this being a loss.


Week 2 vs Panthers:

At home? Buckhead will get to Newton yet again. Win.


Week 3 vs Saints:

With the Saints it is really always a toss up. Brees is never out of the game. However, we are at home, and I say this is a defend your ground type of win.


Week 4 vs Bengals:

I can’t really see the Falcons losing to the Bengals, if we do it would be pretty frustrating. It can happen, but stay optimistic Falcons Win.


Week 5 at Steelers:

This will be the toughest game of the season. After a long home stretch, a powerful Steelers offense will deal Atlanta their second loss.


Week 6 vs Buccaneers:

If Sarkisian is able to command 21 points on the board, Falcons win.


Week 7 vs Giants:

This is a tough one for me. I can see a NY victory easily, but I am going to say Falcons win.


Week 8 at Redskins:

I imagine this game being incredibly sloppy, leading up to a Falcons win and being 6-2 before the bye.


I believe the harder games actually occur during the 2nd half of the season. Saints on Thanksgiving in NO, at the Browns (I am not sleeping on the Browns), at Green Bay, at Carolina, all project themselves to me as more difficult games, simply because they rely on the offensive power of the Falcons.

Bottom line:

10-6 if Sarkisian doesn’t improve from last season.

13-3 at best.

Andrew Anello | @andrewanello

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If you or anyone you know is interested in becoming a writer for ATLSportsHQ please DM Phil Veasley (@_ATLPhil) on Twitter or IG. Or send a sample article to atlsportshq@gmail.com.


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