The Bad News Broadcasters: Keith Hernandez Edition

Keith Hernandez has a history of saying dumb things. Earlier this year, he commented on Atlanta’s bullpen while starting a series against them. The Mets’ bullpen proceeded to blow that game, and Atlanta’s ‘pen was riding a hot streak of retiring batters effectively while posting a very low ERA.

A few weeks ago, Joe Simpson said some things that made a majority of baseball fans upset, warranting an article to be written about it. However, he has mellowed out since then, and the broadcast hasn’t been terrible to listen to. This award is going to Keith Hernandez, a broadcaster for the New York Mets, one of the Braves’ biggest rivals.

Last night, he said something that didn’t just annoy Braves fans, as he claimed it was warranted to throw a 98 MPH pitch at a ridiculously hot batter. “You’ve just got to hit him.” Well, if that isn’t a freezing cold take, I don’t know what is.

Former players, ESPN broadcasters, scouts, analysts, etc. are upset about the situation, saying it was uncalled for. Even the Marlins manager implied that it was wrong and should not have been done, expressing disappointment in his voice: “For us, he’s beat us up, but this is not the way we want to handle that situation.”

If baseball can riot at a Braves announcer for ranting about batting practice or for questioning a player’s age, I can only imagine what will happen to Keith Hernandez. Give ’em hell, baseball fans.

Andrew Carter | @AndrewC_Braves

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