Trae Young Wins Over Other Rookies in Rookie Survey

Trae Young (SLAM)

Hawks rising stars are noticed in annual Rookie Survey

Rookie of the Year

The Rookie of the Year question has been in play since the draft took place. Will it be Ayton, Bagley, Doncic, or someone else? Well according to fellow rookies, Ayton and Sexton each received 18 percent of the votes. Doncic and Knox each got 9 percent of the votes. And Atlanta’s own Trae Young received 6 percent of the votes, as did Bamba, Porter, and Graham.

Oddly enough, this doesn’t mean anything. Since 2007, the rookies have only gotten this part of the poll correct one time. Who was that one time? 2 time NBA champ, Kevin Durant. So the rookies have gotten this wrong for 8 straight years (no poll in 2008 or 2011). Last year Dennis Smith Jr. received 26 percent of the votes.

Best Shooter

  • Atlanta runs away with this part of the survey by far. The rookies believe Trae Young is the best shooter in the draft, reviving 47 percent of the vote. Right after him in 2nd place, Kevin Huerter. We could be potentially looking at the next Steph and Klay (even though I like the Steve Nash comparison more). Young received 15 votes for this category, being the most votes received of all the questions.
  • The rookies have gotten this question right three times since 2009, being Steph Curry, Devin Booker, and Buddy Hield.
  • Best Playmaker

  • Trae Young became the first rookie ever to receive first place votes in both “best shooter” and “best playmaker” with 35 percent of the votes. Jalen Brunson was 2nd to him with 15 percent.
  • When watching Young play, his scoring is something everyone notices. But when you really watch his game, you start to notice his court vision and his basketball IQ. It’s astonishing to watch such a young athlete who can see the court like he can and know when to make the right pass.
  • Since 2010, the rookies have gotten this question right only twice. John Wall proved them right, as did Lonzo Ball last season in 2017.
  • Young vs Doncic

  • The Trae Young vs Luka Doncic May forever haunt one of these fan bases, whether it’s the Hawks or Mavericks. As a Hawks fans, I’m very happy with this trade. I was never sold on Doncic, but I was sold on Trae back in December watching him play. I believe we could have the next Steve Nash in him, if not better. His court vision, his basketball IQ, and his limitless range will all be factors for him as he learns to develop his game even more.
  • Trae Young will get to face Doncic in Atlanta’s first home game of the season, and Atlanta’s only nationally televised game on October 24th. Until then, the debate will continue.
  • Ryan Andrews | @Ry_And1

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