Sunday School Vol 1: Atlanta Sports Edition

Lloyd Pierce with our Rookies (

A new Sunday tradition, a classic Q and A with Atlanta sports fans. 

Every Sunday, I’ll take some time to interact with the ones who really make this site happen; the fans!


Q | Ryan Andrews

Where will Trae Young rank in made 3s his rookie season??

A |I think he will beat the all-time Rookie record for made three’s in a season. Coach Lloyd Pierce will give Trae the green light, even if that means Trae will have a low shooting percentage.


Q | Bob Lancaster

What kind of impact do you think Coach Pierce will have on the younger players??

A | Lloyd Pierce seems like a true players coach. I think he’ll have them confident but also will have the ability to hold them accountable. He will most likely provide a much longer leash than Coach Bud did but that is not to say he won’t make the players work for minutes. He is just more likely to let the young guns work through their mistakes.


Q |  Arturo P

Who’s gonna be the best Hawks players by the end of the season?

A | I think John Collins will have a breakout season. Taurean will continue to grow. Baze will be Baze and Trae will be a good scorer and passer this year.


Q | Kalup

Do you think that Jeremy Lin will be used as a trade piece close to the deadline or do you think we keep him the entire season?

A | I think we’ll hang on to him. Trae will need a steady back up and Jeremey is a good leader and can even spend some time next to Trae in our offense.


Q |IshatinurWheaties

What are the chances that Atlanta United will be champions before the Falcons, Hawks and the Braves?

A | I would be shocked and disappointed if Atlanta United don’t win this year.


Q | 2 Years Out

How many games do the Hawks win the year after next?

A |Depends on what happens next summer. I expect that we actually try to spend some next summer. I expect us to compete for a playoff spot. So anywhere between 38-44 wins maybe.


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