2018 Falcons Player Preview: Mohamed Sanu


A reliable #2 receiver.

Mohamed Sanu is always there when you need him. If you need a 3rd down conversion, he’s there. If you need a touchdown at a crucial point, he’s there. If you need somebody to give you a laugh, Sanu is definitely there.

Sanu has been one of the most reliable options for the Falcons offense. He’s not the fastest so he won’t burn a corner. But what makes him special is how he gets open with his route running. There were many times last season where Sanu threw his defender off at the line of scrimmage with his routes.

With many teams doubling Julio, Sanu made sure to make the most of his 1-on-1 situations, and he did a good job. ended the season with 703 yards and 5 touchdowns. With his height, you would expect him to do most of his damage outside, but Sanu can also do work in the slot against smaller corners.

Other than catching balls, Sanu can also be the quarterback every once and while. There were times last year where the Falcons ran wildcat for him with Devonta Freeman next to him, and the play worked almost every time. The one time he threw a pass to Julio Jones, it was a touchdown. He’s dangerous folks.

Another thing that makes Sanu great is his energy on the field. He can talk his trash when he wants to, which is probably why he is a fan favorite in Atlanta. He’s not afraid of getting in anybody’s face and showing them what he can do.

Sanu is definitely the security blanket that Ryan needs in a tight situation, and he will continue to be that person come this season.

Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

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