2018 Falcons Player Preview: Vic Beasley


He’s moving back to DE full time.

After coming off a 2016 season leading the league in sacks, Beasley was poised to break out and be one of the best pass rushers in the league. Injuries and a move to LB in 2017 set him back, but he was still a major component to the Falcons defense.

In the 3rd week against the Packers, Beasley suffered a hamstring injury that kept him out a couple of weeks. When he returned, Dan Quinn decided to move him to a SAM linebacker. This meant that he would be doing a lot more in coverage than rushing the passer.

Beasley did some good things as a linebacker, and he also had some lapses in his new position. During the stretch of the season, we saw Beasley more on the line, and he looked more comfortable doing so. Quinn emphasized during the offseason that Beasley would be back full time to defensive end, where he did his best work in 2016. With the Falcons trying to get more pressure on the quarterback, moving him back to DE opposite of Takk McKinley should be dangerous for teams.

We know Beasley strictly as a pass rusher, but it looks like he improved in stopping the run as well last season. He showed some positive signs in training camp being a run stopper, so all we need to see is it transition into the regular season. With him, Takk, and Grady on the line this season, things could get messy up front.

Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

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