2018 Falcons Player Preview: Tevin Coleman


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Tevin Coleman is full of speed. If you get him in the open field, it will definitely be a foot race to the end zone. He is what makes the Falcons offense so dynamic in the run and passing game.

In 2017, Coleman had 628 yards and 5 touchdowns. When he comes in to replace Devonta Freeman, the Falcons are not losing speed at all. It’s safe to say that even though Freeman is more swiftly, Coleman may be the fastest player on the Falcons. It is important to use him in different areas with that type of speed as well.

Coleman has good downhill speed, so when he comes out of the backfield and hits a hole it will be hard trying ti stop him. Something that he improved in 2017 was finding the right hole in the line and making that cut. He also had alot of broken tackles, and those plays resulted in big yards for the offense. But Coleman is even more dangerous lining up as a receiver.

What made the 2016 offense special was the ability to move the running backs out wide and create mismatches. Most linebackers can’t keep up with Coleman out wide, so taking advantage of that is big for the Falcons. That is usually when he gets into open space, which is dangerous for defenses.

Coleman should continue to be dominant as a running back and wide receiver, and prove to be a great 1-2 punch along with Devonta Freeman.

Malik Brown | @_MalikATL

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