Falcons Roundtable Record Predictions

Our staff predicts how the Falcons will fare this season.


Jackson Stone: The Falcons have no excuses not to improve on last year. The entire roster is healthy and it will be Steve Sarkisian’s second year in the system. I see the team struggling a bit with a ridiculously hard schedule at the beginning of the year but I think they’ll pull it together and finish with a record of 11-5.

Phil Veasley: 12-4. On paper, the Falcons may be the best or at least most balanced team in the league. Again, on paper I say. The game isn’t played on paper and the schedule starts off brutal for the Super Bowl hopefuls. It’s Super Bowl or bust this year for Atlanta. I think they’ll get there and win in our very own stadium in February.

Bob Lancaster: 9-7 and miss the playoffs.. Steve Sarkisian will cost this team games managing the offense and with a tougher division these mistakes will be magnified. If the team does worse than 9-7 I think it costs both Sarkisian and Coach Q their jobs.

Ryan Andrews: Falcons go 12-4. The Falcons start the year and get revenge against the Eagles in week 1. The falcons start the year 4-0 and then lose their first game in Pittsburgh. They then win 4 more in a row before losing at home against Dallas and in New Orleans on thanksgiving. The falcons have had success the past few seasons against Green Bay and the continues with a victory in Green Bay again this season. The falcons then beat Arizona and clinch the NFC south, lose in Carolina, and then clinch the #1 seed in week 17 with a win against the Bucs

Arturo Principe: Falcons will go 9-7. The Dirty Birds will get off to a slow start with consecutive losses at the early stages of the season but they will find their ground along the way, wrapping up the regular season on a strong note. However, once they make it to the playoffs, I don’t see them making it past the first round.

Bret Anderson: I am not going to budge on something that I have said in the past, the Falcons will go 12-4 this season and will be the first team in NFL History to play in a Super Bowl at their home stadium. Just think, this team was 2 yards away from beating Philly at their place to go to the NFC Championship in what was considered a “down year”.

Da’Vonte Hughes: This Falcons team is not too far removed from their Superbowl bid in 2016. This team has what it takes to win it all this year and every year from then on. I predict that the Atlanta Falcons will finish 12-4 with a Superbowl bid. This is the most talented Falcons roster I have seen in my entire life since becoming a fan during the Michael Vick era.

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