Should The Braves Look Into A Potential Mike Trout Trade?

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With word coming out this week that the Los Angeles Angels are interested in meeting with Mike Trout and his representatives regarding a contract extension after the season is over, what would happen if Trout says he isn’t interested in an extension? The Angels might have to entertain the thought of trading their franchise player and every single MLB general manager would be picking up a phone to see what it would take to get, quite possibly, the best player in MLB.


The problem is not every team has what it takes to pick up a player of this caliber. The Angels would be looking for young, controllable talent, and a lot of it to pry Trout from their grasp.


The Atlanta Braves have just that. So let’s look at what it might take to get Trout into a Braves uniform. The Angels are pitching starved, so I think it could take three top young starters for sure. Those three could potentially be Touki Touissant, Kyle Wright, and Sean Newcomb. This wouldn’t be nearly enough in the eyes of the Angels, though. I also think this would cost top minor league prospect Austin Riley, and an established major league player which could be Ender Inciarte or Dansby Swanson.


Lots of fans seem split on these trade scenarios. Trout is a once in a lifetime talent, but is it worth mortgaging your future for possibly only two years of his services? Only time will tell if the Angels will seriously consider trading away Trout, but it must be considered that the Braves will, at least, try and put together a serious offer to put him in a Braves uniform.


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