The Atlanta Falcons have 3 good running backs and thats okay.


Lets get something straight today everyone. Devonta Freeman is a great running back and has showed that he will show up day in and day out. Some of the questions that have surfaced about Freeman are downright ridiculous. Such as, “Freeman is injury prone shouldn’t we trade him?”

Devonta Freeman is not injury prone as he has suited up for 90 percent of the games since he has been a member of the Atlanta Falcons. Now if you want to say that Tevin Coleman is the better running back then that is fine because it is your opinion. But lets not write off Freeman as if he is some kind of terrible player.

Since becoming the starter during the 2015 season, Freeman has had 2 1,000 yard seasons with both being back-to-back in 2015 and 2016. In the 2017 season, Freeman rushed for 865 yards while averaging 4.4 yards a carry. Now if you ask me that sounds like a more than quality running back.

Tevin Coleman is also a good running back as well as he has improved each season since becoming an Atlanta Falcon in 2015. Both players serve their purpose for the Falcons and we should cheer both of them on. One of my problems with the fan base comes from always making things a competition.  Also, the Atlanta Falcons are projected to have around 30 million in cap next year so if you are wondering if they can re-sign Tevin Coleman the answer is yes.

Why can’t we have multiple good players at a position? Does one always have to be so much better than the other that the other needs to be cut? They both wear the same emblem on their chest so they should be cheered.

Ito Smith who was drafted this year out of Southern Miss also had a solid game versus the Panthers last Sunday but that doesn’t mean Freeman is expendable. This trio of running backs could lead the Falcons to new heights if they all work together within the offense.

So how about it Falcons fans lets make sure our new trio of running backs feel like they are all wanted. When Freeman returns let him back into the lineup with open arms. Let our Atlanta Falcons be great. Remember to stay positive Falcons fans this season will be one to remember.

Da’Vonte Hughes| @CookieByNature



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