Full 2018-19 Hawks Stats Prediction

Trae Young
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Stats sorted by PPG. Not adjusted for Overtime or injuries. Two-ways and Training Camp invites were not included for simplicity purposes.


John Collins | 15.2 PPG | 7.7 RPG | 1.8 APG | 31.6 MPG

Expect a breakout season from John Collins across the board. He was a menace in Summer League and caught the league’s attention. He won’t be an All-Star due to our record but with his improved range and defense, Collins will be looked at as one of the better Power Forwards in the league.

Trae Young | 14.1 PPG | 1.8 RPG | 6.2 APG | 29.4 MPG

Trae Young will struggle with his shot at times. Don’t be surprised if his shooting percentage hovers in the 30’s with his 3PT percentage around 30. As the year progresses, the number five pick in the draft will grow and adjust to NBA defenses. His stat line will end up looking great for a Rookie due to a long leash given by Coach. A top three finish in Rookie of the Year is not out the question.

Kent Bazemore | 14.0 PPG | 3.4 RPG | 2.6 APG | 29.9 MPG

Kent Bazemore was the Hawks best player last year. While Trae Young and John Collins will supplant him, Kent’s play will not drop off. I for one could not be happier that Travis decided to hang on to him because of the energy, intensity and leadership Baze brings to the locker room and the community.

Taurean Prince | 13.2 PPG | 3.2 RPG | 2.4 APG | 27.7 MPG

Taurean made the most of a depleted Hawks roster down the stretch last season. That will do wonders for his confidence heading into the 2018-19 campaign. Confidence is something Prince has struggled with a times during his career.

Jeremy Lin | 10.1 PPG | 2.1 RPG | 3.9 APG | 20.2 MPG

Since Linsanity, Lin has never been able to live up to the (unrealistic) hype. Besides injuries, he’s quietly but together a solid career as a steady veteran backup. Jeremy will be able to provide a decent fall back option for Trae as well as serving as a mentor.

Dewayne Dedmon | 8.2 PPG | 7.2 RPG | 1.2 APG | 21.6 MPG

Dedmon will likely see a dip in minutes with Coach Pierce more likely to favor youth. Depending on the development and production from Alex Len and Omari Spellman, Dedmon could be dangled at the trade deadline.

Tyler Dorsey | 6.4 PPG | 2.6 RPG | 1.5 APG | 17.4 MPG

Just like Taurean, Tyler Dorsey made the most of the Hawks dire situation down the stretch last season. These numbers could see a significant boost if Dorsey is able to consistently knock down the three early on.

Vince Carter | 5.2 PPG | 1.6 RPG | .5 APG | 12.0 MPG

I will be severely disappointed if the Hawks locker room doesn’t refer to Vince Carter as “dad”. VC will serve as a much needed mentor to our young guns.

Kevin Huerter | 4.2 PPG | 1.3 RPG | .9 APG | 10.1 MPG

After missing Summer League, Huerter may need some time in the G-League before being able to crack the rotation.

DeAndre’ Bembry | 4.2 PPG | 2.5 RPG | 1.4 APG | 11.6 MPG

Dismal doesn’t even begin to describe last season from Dre. It could be now or never for the fro.

Omari Spellman | 3.7 PPG | 4.1 RPG | .4 APG | 9.9 MPG

Spellman could be another candidate to spend a little time polishing his game in the G-League before being able to crack the rotation.

Alex Len | 3.6 PPG | 2.9 RPG | .2 APG | 7.6 MPG

Much like DeAndre’, it’s now or never for the big guy. The former top 5 pick has just never panned out in Phoenix. Maybe the change in scenery will do him good.

Miles Plumlee | 1.2 PPG | 1.4 RPG | .3 APG | 4.4 MPG

The less we see Miles the better.

Justin Anderson | 1.9 PPG | .3 RPG | .4 APG | 5.2 MPG

Justin Anderson has some promise. It will be hard for him to crack the rotation. He brings solid defense to the table but his shooting is questionable.

Daniel Hamilton | 1.1 PPG | .5 RPG | .3 APG | 2.2 MPG

Hamilton will likely only appear in emergency situations. He could see a lot of time up in Erie.

Team Totals | 106.3 PPG | 42.6 RPG | 24.0 APG

With Coach Pierce roaming the sidelines, the Hawks will play a faster and more loose brand of ball. Expect a lot of three’s to be put up and expect some nights with some offensive explosions. On the flip side, expect some nights where the defensive gives up 120+ and nobody can buy a shot from beyond the arc and we lose by 25-30.

Despite being arguably the worst team in the league, the squad will bring excitement to new State Farm Arena nightly and give fans a glimpse of what’s to come. Just look at the Braves. Rebuilding pays off.

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