GT vs Bowling Green Preview

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Georgia Tech is looking to bounce back after three straight losses and get back in the win column against Bowling Green this afternoon. Both teams come into the game with a 1-3 record and it seems to be that both of these teams are better than what their record shows.

Bowling Green has an offense that can put up points in a hurry and a gun slinger at QB. Jarrett Doege can light it up if you let him get into a rhythm so Nate Woody and the defense will have to dial up some timely blitzes to keep Doege off balance. Doege is the dual threat type QB that the Jackets have seen a lot of early this season but that doesn’t mean Doege can’t  find his way out of the pocket and scramble for some yards.

Offensively for the Jackets it is simple. Keep the ball off of the ground. Self inflicted wounds are the only reason Georgia Tech is 1-3. You can not fumble the ball multiple times a game, especially in opponents territory and expect to have a good chance to win the game. Paul Johnson said that he promises the QB play and ball security will be better as he said he would be in ears and in basically the huddle of all the offensive snaps this past week. We will see how much of an effect this will have.

Overall this is a game that Georgia Tech should run away with. If they protect the ball and establish a pass rush early on defense, they will do just that. This is a huge must win game. A loss would be detrimental.  On the other hand, a win could bring some confidence to this team and jump start the season. Much like the 2016 season after the team dropped 3 in a row. Especially with a short week coming up, Georgia Tech needs to get up big early and rest some key players.

By: Bret Anderson


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