2018-19 Hawks Player Preview: Alex Len

Alex Len
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The 7 foot 1 big man Alex Len is coming into his 5th NBA season with a lot to prove. He has not averaged more than 10 points or 10 rebounds in a season for his career and was released by Phoenix this summer.

Len has been considered a bust, but with a young Hawks team and a chance for a fresh start he has all the room to show what he’s worth. This is a make or break year for him.

Len was the 5th overall pick in the 2013 NBA Draft. His career has been plagued by injuries, limited playing time, and underwhelming production. He has never played a full season and never averaged more than 23 minutes a game. Len’s ankles are no longer 100% and the Suns no longer saw any use for him.

Len complained last season about playing time and it was clear that he and Phoenix no longer got along. He feels he has put in the works and has a lot to prove. Phoenix was a bad situation for him and a new career with Atlanta is just want he needed.

Len is coming into this season with a new weapon, his three point shot. Len has been working hard this offseason on his jumper and it looks like it’s paying off. In a basketball league that has changed drastically, a three-point shooting big man is just what the Hawks need. If Len can hit the three consistently it can help spread the Hawks offense and open lanes for everybody.

During the preseason, screen-and-roll action has been tremendous from Len. Len has shown instinct on the pick and roll and the Hawks have two exceptional passing guards in Trae Young and Kent Bazemore.

If there is one thing that will potentially keep Len from starting full time, it is his defense. Len doesn’t have the strength to rebound with bigger forwards in the NBA, but he does have the length to at least make a difference.

It’s all up to Alex Len on how much playing time he gets. If the three ball is falling and the hustle is there I see this being a good year for Len, but that’s yet to be determined.



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