2018-19 Hawks Player Preview: Vince Carter

Vince Carter
Photo Credit: Clutchpoint.com

Every young team needs veteran leadership to propel themselves to the next level and the Hawks signing Vince Carter is one of these examples. The Atlanta Hawks signed Vince for the veteran minimum $2.4 million for one year.

Carter is coming off a year with the Sacramento Kings where he averaged 17.7 minutes and 5.4 points per game. I think we all know we aren’t getting the Vince Carter of ten years ago, but having a guy like him on the bench who has seen and knows the game and can mentor all the young players in game is invaluable.

I would expect we will see Vince Carter’s minutes increase this year but not by much as he will be a third or fourth option off the bench at best. Another bonus Carter brings is that he will also help bring fans to the arena just based off his name alone. He has always been a fan favorite everywhere he has been and even in the twilight of his career people still want to see him play.


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