Atlanta Hawks Roundtable Predictions

Trae Young and John Collins (


The crew at HQ took a stab at predicting the Hawks record for this upcoming season. Let’s hope this goes better than our Falcons one has looked so far.

Bob Lancaster | @bowlinbob

33-49 | Trae ROTY but I don’t give a crap if they win one game I got an Atlanta Hawks Vince Carter Jersey and that makes every game ok

Phil Veasley | @_ATLPhil

22-60 | Usually I’m the positive one. But this Hawks team is not going to be good. They’ll be fun to watch and will play hard but they can not compete night in and night out in the NBA. They are “better” than last year’s team but people have really understated how important Coach Bud’s system was. Yes 22-60 is dismal, but the team will make strides during the season. Especially John Collins and Trae Young. Add in another top pick plus a summer of development and this should be a playoff team in 2020.

Da’Vonte Hughes | @CookieByNature

30-52 |I believe this hawks team is certainly more talented than the last team that was full of G league caliber players. This time around we have players waited to have breakout seasons in Prince and Collins. With Pierce and Co at the helm the Hawks are on there way to becoming a good team with their own homegrown players.

Bret Anderson | @Bret_A27

32-50 | While the Hawks look terrible on paper, they have a roster full of young exciting players mixed in with some established veterans. New Coach Lloyd Pierce preaches defense and I think the Hawks defense will keep them in many games that they shouldn’t be in and allow them to steal a few wins. Trae Young will silence his critics early with big time plays and continue making them throughout the season.


Jackson Stone | @tdjsnetwork

18-64 |I think Trae Young will be in the rookie of the year discussion when all is said and done and Taurean Prince will also contend for the NBA’s most improved player award. However, this team simply doesn’t have enough talent to escape from the cellar along with the league’s other lottery hopefuls.


Justin Hodges | @HodgePodgeHoops

24-58 |I think the Hawks showed in the preseason that they could be a few wins better than originally anticipated. This has been practically accepted as a full on tank, but they’re built and coached in a style that really produces a lot of wins when done consistently. There’ll be a few games where they show out, and that’s why I have them right about where they were last year record wise.

Arturo Principe | @ArturoPrincipe1

29-53 | The Hawks offensive efforts guided by Trae Young, Taurean Prince and Jeremy Lin will definitely be enough to get past a few teams this season. Also with Coach Pierce’s focus on defense, the Hawks will be able to balance their game out. However, the Hawks are still a work in process and their record will reflect it.

      Evan Nix

25-58 | I think we’ll have some good moments but most of the season will be trying to find consistent defense and learning a new system.

Ryan Miller | @_RMiller30

41-41 | I believe this hawks team will surprise everyone with a .500 record. With a mix of youth and veteran leadership in this locker room it’s not impossible to see them to shock everyone and be fighting for the 8th seed come the end of the year.

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