Trae Young Aims to be the Face of Atlanta

On June 21,2018 the Atlanta Hawks traded the 3rd overall pick to the Dallas Mavericks for the 5th overall pick: Trae Young. People questioned the pick over the blooming European star Luka Doncic, but Young’s notoriety and stardom has made the pick worth it for Atlanta.

Trae Young has been featured on ESPN numerous times, he brought national attention to Oklahoma and had the national spotlight for his entire college career. All these things is just what the Hawks need after years of mediocrity and low attendance. Trae is not a star now but he has the potential and the city is already buzzing over the possibilities.

Trae Young
(Via Trae Young’s Twitter

The Hawks haven’t had a superstar-level player since the great Dominique Wilkins. He’s the Hawks’ career leader in points and scoring average. He led the Hawks to the playoffs 8 out of his 12 seasons and gave outstanding contributions on and off the court. Since Wilkins Atlanta has had All Stars like Joe Johnson, Paul Millsap and Al Horford but the evident lack of superstardom continually brought down those teams.

The Hawks have never been a glorious free agent market aside and haven’t really lucked into drafting or signing any stars. They were always a middle of the pack team and could never get a high enough draft pick. That is what Travis Schlenk is looking to change by adding Trae Young.

Young has been one of the most talked-about rookies since being drafted. Experts have picked him to be NBA Rookie of the Year and has drawn comparisons to Steph Curry and Steve Nash; if you watch his game you see why. His electrifying shooting and bodacious passes is what’s going to get people watching.

Trae also has a huge contract with Adidas and various other endorsements which will fuel the media attention. Nobody expects Trae to be a superstar right away; we know there will be ups and downs, but we do expect to see the potential this city has been feigning for.

Atlanta is a flashy city, perfect for flashy players and perfect for Trae Young. He has all the support behind him: Falcons players, local music stars and celebrities have been seen giving him respect. He has a lot of potential and the city is by his side to watch him grow, mature and become that face of Atlanta.

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