Roundtable: How will the Falcons finish the season

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The crew at HQ took a stab at how we see the remainder of the Falcons season shaping up. 

Let’s hope this goes better than our roundtable before the season where most of us here at ATLSportsHQ predicted the Falcons to go 12-4.

After a dismal 1-4 start, Atlanta has regrouped to win two straight contests going into the bye. As we start to get bodies back on defense this team could still be poised to make a playoff run.

Bret Anderson | @Bret_A27

Falcons sit at 3-4 with a trip to Washington on deck. This team has been plagued by injuries, mainly on the defensive side of the ball which has led to several nail biting games. The Falcons are actually 3 plays away from sitting at 6-1 with division title hopes. Instead a plagued defense has failed twice late in games and the offense sputtered 5 yards short of a game winning score. Still, the last couple of weeks this team has shown toughness and grinded out two much needed wins in a row against the Bucs and Giants. With Deion Jones on track to come back in 3 weeks, the Falcons need to stay afloat and continue to grind out wins until his much needed help returns. The way the schedule is lined up, the Falcons can very well end up making the playoffs and I believe they will. I tweeted earlier when they were 1-4 that the Falcons will run the table on these next 5 games and and be 6-4 heading into a Thanksgiving throwdown in New Orleans. I also said the Falcons would finish 11-5 and will steal a wild card spot. The division seems to be under the Saints control but really anything is possible in this chaotic division.

Da’Vonte Hughes | @CookieByNature

10-6. I believe this team has what it takes to fight through their injuries and make it to the playoffs. Thats not saying it isn’t a tough road ahead but as a Falcons fan I can say we have seen this before. If the defense keeps gelling together and the offense keeps up their high octane pace the Falcons will certainly be in playoff contention.

Phil Veasley | @_ATLPhil

10-6. The Falcons are one of the most talented teams in the NFL. Despite the slew of injuries, this team is still three plays away from being 6-1, having the MVP favorite and leading the division. As I’ve been preaching weekly on GameTime Radio, there is still a lot of football to be played. Matt Ryan will continue to guide this offense to elite levels and week by week the defense will find their footing. Each year, the NFL shows that it’s not how you start, it’s how you finish. This team will get hot and claw their way into having the first home Super Bowl in NFL History.

Daric Clemens | @DClemens_

11-5. The Falcons look the best they have all season coming off the bye and running off a win streak. With Deion Jones coming back around the end of November the defense will look totally different as their captain takes the field. Matt Ryan continues his incredible season and leads the Falcons to the playoffs.

Bob Lancaster | @bowlinbob

9-7 and miss the playoffs.. Already two teams in front of them in the division which with their injuries will be tough to overcome. Scary what this team could have done had they stayed healthy and had any depth.

Ryan Miller | @_RMiller30

11-5. This Falcons team had been clicking the past few weeks, if they can keep it they make a run at the division or make it in as a wild card, which isn’t far fetched with Ryan playing at a high level this season and the red zone struggles have decreased this season



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