Falcons Get Embarrassed in Cleveland

The Falcons flat out laid an egg in a crucial game on Sunday against the 2-6-1 Browns. The offense and the play calling were disastrous at times and the defense seemingly just took plays off, like on the 92 yard Nick Chubb TD run. This is was a terrible all around performance and leaves almost no margin for error over the last 7 games for a hope at the playoffs.


The offense looked terrible. The first drive stalled out at the 50. A silly fumble by Sanu completely changed the game to open up the second half. When the Falcons were trying claw back into the game, they stall 2 inches shy of a TD while trailing 28-10 with over 11 minutes left in the 4th. Instead of doing a QB sneak or literally anything else, the Falcons drew up a shotgun set and threw the ball on 4th and 2 inches. It was just a small part of how awful the team played today.

The Falcons were out coached, out manned and out played by a team that they are just better than. This team should not be losing to a team when their starting QB, RB, and #1 Corner are all rookies. The Falcons came into the game thinking this game will just be handed to them and instead they were handed a beat down and a loss.

The defense was better than the offense but that isn’t saying much. Baker Mayfield broke the defense’s backs several times with his legs and just picked apart the Falcons zone defense. I’ve already mentioned how bad it was to give up a 92 yard TD as well. The defense did force a turnover as Damontae Kazee recorded his NFL leading 5th interception today. He was the lone bright spot on that side of the ball.

Matt Ryan was visibly upset on the sidelines as the final seconds ticked off the clock. It was frustrating to watch and has to be even more frustrating to the players. This team needs to dig deep and figure things out quick.

The Falcons sit at 4-5 and their playoff hopes are hanging by a thread. The team needs to forget about this game and move on to Dallas next weekend at the Benz.

By: Bret Anderson


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