Breaking: Ronald Acuña Jr. wins NL ROY

*Pretends to be surprised*

The Braves knew Acuña Jr. was going to be great from the start. He blew up every league he was in up until the majors, including Spring Training this year, where he led the Grapefruit league in batting average and was among the leaders in many other statistical categories.

He came into the league and started off with a small adjustment period, followed by a hot streak, then a really cold streak/adjustment period where he reworked his swing. Then the All-Star break came, went, and Acuña Jr. went on an otherworldly year batting leadoff. Though the heat tapered off, he stayed hot the remainder of the season and came close to a .300 batting average, led the team in home runs, and was above average in just about every category.

For a few weeks, people thought Juan Soto might win ROY, and he may have in any other year. However, the second half of the season totally sealed the deal for Acuña, though Soto’s patience kept him in the conversation for quite some time.

Just think, Acuña will only get better before he gets worse

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