Should the NCAA go to Six or Eight Teams in the College Football Playoff? A Look At Both Scenarios.

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A hot topic of debate in the sports world this time of year is whether or not the NCAA should expand the College Football Playoffs. In fact it’s even a hot topic here within headquarters. Writer Tushar Patel is all for a 6 game playoff while writer Bob Lancaster is in favor of an 8 game playoff. We will look at both sides of the argument in this article and let the viewers decide. 

Tushar:  The NCAA should expand the College Football Playoffs to 6 teams. 8 teams will allow for 2 teams that don’t even deserve a playoff spot. This year if there was 8 the teams that would have made it would have been Alabama,Clemson,Notre Dame,Oklahoma,Georgia,Ohio State,Michigan, and UCF. To me I wouldn’t be taking UCF even with them being undefeated due to them not scheduling tough teams on their soft schedule. You could argue that yes they did beat Auburn last year in the Peach Bowl but Auburn was checked out after losing to Georgia in the SEC Championship game so winning or losing really didn’t mean that much to them. As far as Michigan goes they lost both big games they played this year. Notre Dame beat them 24-17 and Ohio State straight whooped them 63-39 so they wouldn’t be much of a challenge to any of these top teams. Point is there will always be those teams who have good seasons but then we have to stop and ask ourselves are they truly good enough to perform against the elite competition and thats why my opinion is for a 6 team playoff.

Bob: Although I understand Tushar’s points I 100% disagree with him. I am in favor of an 8 team playoff. Everyone complaining about the schedule of UCF should also be agreeing with me because in my scenario they would be forced to play against these elite teams to see where they truly rank in the scheme of things. My 8 teams would be different though. I would have had Alabama,Clemson,Notre Dame,Oklahoma,Georgia,Ohio State,UCF, and Washington over Michigan due to Washington winning their conference championship. In my scenario here is how I would do the Playoff. 



3.Notre Dame



6.Ohio State



First Playoff Games Alabama,Clemson,Notre Dame,Oklahoma BYE’s

Georgia vs Washington

Ohio State vs UCF

Second Playoff Games Alabama Clemson BYE’s

Notre Dame vs Lowest Seed Remaining

Oklahoma vs Highest Seed Remaining

SemiFinal Matchup

Alabama vs Lowest Seed Remaining

Clemson vs Highest Seed Remaining

NCAA Championship Game

Winner of SemiFinal Matchups

This just screams excitement and also rewards being 1 and 2 at the end with multiple bye weeks as it should. So what do you guys think? 6 games, 8 games, or keep it as is? Let us know on twitter!!!!

Bob Lancaster @bowlinbob

Tushar Patel @TusharPatel87

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