The 2018 Falcons


As of today, the Falcons at 5-9 are officially eliminated from playoff contention. I originally wrote a preview article predicting the Falcons at 12-4 at best, or 10-6 at worst. After what I have seen through 14 games, I do not want to see the Falcons in the playoffs. We cannot compete this year and that has been made clear to me.

I don’t really want to run through every little disappointing detail of this season because it is summed up as just that: disappointing.

The first few games were a glimpse into false reality. We blew multiple last- minute go-ahead opportunities and also permitted opposing teams’ last minute go-ahead opportunities.

At first, injuries were the cause. We lost Neal, Jones, Fusco, Allen. and more. That was to blame.

Then as the season progressed, the truth was exposed:

Dan Quinn’s “next man up” was practically non-existent. The defense was (is) horrendous.

The offensive line cannot protect Matt Ryan from a defensive line of 5th graders.

Steve Sarkisian is not good at his job.

There needs to be serious coaching changes, and it HAS to be this offseason. Dan Quinn can no longer decide his staff. The Sarkisian/Manuel duo is atrocious.

I hate to say it but the Super Bowl window is closing, and it is closing fast. After all the N.F.L. stands for Not For Long. Besides drastic coaching adjustments, there are a lot of key player contracts that must be made/adjusted and certain players if at all possible need to leave the city this offseason. There are injury prone players who were given guaranteed contracts. I hate to be so pessimistic, but realistically I don’t know how long it will take to fix the multiple gaps in the roster/coaching staff that has left the fanbase infuriated week after week.

I don’t know what else to say other than this season was a huge dumpster fire that contained ashes of PRIME Matt Ryan’s and PRIME  Julio Jones’ incredible seasons, statistically.

Clock is ticking…

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