Georgia Tech Hosts Clemson

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Georgia Tech will play host to the Clemson Tigers Wednesday nigh to cap off the two game series between the two. Clemson took the first game 72-60 behind Marcquise Reed’s 30 points. Georgia Tech will be looking to get the train back on the tracks tonight as they have lost 5 of their last 6(including the first Clemson game). Clemson is winners of their last and should of been 3 as they lost a buzzer beater two Saturdays ago against NC State.

AD Gueye, who did not play in the first matchup, has been playing extremely well in ACC play and has played even better since returning from his injury a couple games ago against Notre Dame. He has been the Jackets most consistent player when he stays out of foul trouble.

Speaking of foul trouble, that has been what has plagued Georgia as of late. Jose Alvarado fouled out last game and AD Gueye and James Banks have been constantly in foul trouble and the Jackets do not have the depth for these guys to be in foul trouble. The Jackets need these 3 on the floor as much as possible because they impact the game in a big way on both sides of the ball.

I will spare your eyes from the brutal numbers, but Georgia Tech needs to hit threes at a respectable rate in tonight’s game and in future games to give themselves the best chance. The FSU game on Saturday was there for the taking but nobody could hit that big 3 to really change momentum.

This is a winnable game for Georgia Tech and is almost considered a must win to stay in the middle of the pack in the ACC.

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By: Bret Anderson


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