Why Not Trading Jeremy Lin Was The Best Deadline Move By The Hawks

Photo Credit: SportingNews.com


Now that we are two days past the NBA trade deadline and have had time to reflect on all the big trades that went down it’s time to talk about one trade that didn’t. After multiple weeks of speculation that he would be on the move PG Jeremy Lin is still an Atlanta Hawk. Flash back to the first three weeks of the season when Lin was struggling I will admit that I was on social media trying to do Travis Schlenk’s job and figuring out who we could send him to and debating on whether or not we should just realease him. Well guess what, I was absolutely wrong. Jeremy Lin began to get his legs back around the second month of the season and has proven to be an integral part of this Hawks team as the backup PG. Lin has averaged roughly 11 points and 3.5 Assists in 20 minutes a game of court time this year and that is right around his career averages. That’s not where I was wrong though. Where Lin has proven to be invaluable and the sole reason I am glad that he remains with the Hawks is his veteran leadership and mentoring of Trae Young at the PG position. Lin has been in Trae’s shoes of having high expectations as a player and is able to give him invaluable advice in order to slow the NBA game down for Trae. That’s something the box score will never show but on a team with so many young players will prove to be very important. I think with Schlenk not trading Lin we could possibly extend him for a couple more years and continue to let him mentor Trae along the way.

Bob Lancaster @bowlinbob

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