ACC Tourney Scenarios For Georgia Tech

Georgia Tech capped off their regular season with a upset win win in Raleigh over NC State courtesy of a James Banks and 1 dunk with 1.4 left. By doing so, it leapfrogged Georgia Tech from 12th place to 10th place in the ACC standings. However, two teams that can determine who Georgia Tech plays in the ACC Tourney are Miami and Boston College who sit at 5-12 and in 11th and 12th in the standings. Miami travels to Blacksburg to take on the 15th ranked Virginia Tech Hokies and Boston College hosts NC State on Saturday.

Georgia Tech holds the head to head tie breaker with Boston College but do not own it with Miami. It is already guaranteed that Georgia Tech will play on Tuesday but they do not who they will play or what seed they will be. Here are the seeding scenarios for Georgia Tech and potential opening round opponents.

*Wake Forest(Plays @ FSU Saturday) owns tie breaker with Notre Dame*

Standings heading into Saturday

Georgia Tech 6-12 14-17
Boston College 5-12 14-15
Miami 5-12 13-16
Wake Forest 4-13 11-18
Notre Dame 3-14 13-17
Pittsburgh 2-15 12-18

Miami Wins and Boston College Loses. Wake Forest Wins and Pitt Beats Notre Dame

10 vs 15: Miami(10) vs Notre Dame(15)

11 vs 14: Georgia Tech(11) vs Pittsburgh(14)

12 vs 13: Boston College(12) vs Wake Forest(13)

Boston College Wins and Miami Loses. Wake Forest Loses and ND Beats Pitt.


Miami and Boston College Lose. Wake Forest Loses and ND Beats Pitt

10 vs 15: Georgia Tech(10) vs Pittsburgh(15)

11 vs 14: Boston College(11) vs Notre Dame(14)

12 vs 13: Miami(12) vs Wake Forest(13)

Miami and Boston College Win. Wake Forest Loses and Pitt Beats ND.

Things get a little tricky here.  GT, Miami, and Boston College would each be tied at 6-12 and each team would also be 1-1 head to head with each other. It would then go to which team beat the higher team in the final rankings. In this case, Boston College would own a win over a would be ranked FSU team and Miami would have just beaten a ranked Virginia Tech team. FSU, since they just beat Virginia Tech last night, would be the higher ranked win This is UNOFFICIAL but it should look like this.

10 vs 15: Boston College(10) vs Notre Dame(15)

11 vs 14: Miami(11) vs Pittsburgh(14)

12 vs 13: Georgia Tech(12) vs Wake Forest(13)

The last scenario is obviously the worst scenario for Georgia Tech but it is also the most unlikely. Georgia Tech will either be the 10 or 11 seed in all likelihood and will face either Pittsburgh or Notre Dame, two teams that they beat in the regular season(1-1 vs Notre Dame).

Georgia Tech put themselves in a favorable spot with the big win in Raleigh, but we will wait and see what happens on Saturday to see how this all works out.

By: Bret Anderson


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